People often ask, “What is Reality Church all about?”
In order to answer to that question, one must first ask, “What is the Gospel?”

What Is The Gospel

Gospel simply means "good news." The gospel is not simply the means by which we are converted, the way we “get to heaven,” or the elementary basics that we move past. It is the good news of redemption through Jesus Christ that restores our relationship with God and brings us into his family. It transforms our hearts, shapes our ethics, cares for our souls and changes our behavior. It creates the Christian community and defines our purpose. The gospel is the word spoken to bring unbelievers to faith and to bring believers to maturity. The good news of what Jesus has done saves us, subverts the powers of evil, sustains us, changes us, satisfies us with joy and fulfillment, and sends us out with purpose into the world on mission.  Christian community (the Church) is created by the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Glory of God. 


Power of the Gospel

The Gospel is the good news that God sent his Son to redeem the world from the effects of sin and create a new humanity. Eventually the whole world will be renewed to the way God intended it to be. Rebellion, death, injustice, and suffering will all be removed. When everything is restored, God will be seen by all for who he truly is-the God who loves and desires to bring complete peace back to a word that has been devestated by sin. (Ephesians 2:10,14-22; 2 Corinthians 5:15-21; Revelation 21)


Purpose of the Gospel

Jesus clarified how we participate in the purpose of the gospel by giving us his mission: “Go and make disciples”. (Matthew 28:19). As the arts, industry, politics, families—all areas of culture—are being filled with Jesus’ disciples bringing about his gospel restoration, the earth is being filled with his glory! That is the point of the restoration of all things—that God would be glorified. The gospel is not only about my individual happiness or God’s plan for my life. It is about God’s plan for the world!


Vision & Mission


“That everyone experiences Jesus and His Kingdom Come”


Being and making disciples who are radically transformed by the gospel.


Spirit Dependence: We recognize that we must actively seek and submit to the Holy Spirit who plays the primary role in Kingdom life on earth. Through Him, there is power, freedom, faith, fruit, and lasting transformation.

Everybody Plays: We believe that God has ordered His Kingdom in such a way that there are no spectators. Everyone contributes at all levels according to their ability so that there is sustainability for all. Everybody in the Kingdom works and the Kingdom works for everybody.

Deep Belonging: We believe that every human longs to know and be known in the deepest place. As the family of God, we are a people of hospitality who lavishly display mercy and grace in the context of real relationship.

Sending & Releasing: As the sent people of God, we join Him in His ongoing work of filling the world with image bearing community. Success is not measured by what we gather in and hold on to, but by what we can generously release into God’s world and mission. As we are called to go, no one and no place are out of bounds.

Authenticity: Because of the work of Jesus, we have been set free from pretending and performing. We desire truth, honesty, and transparency to permeate all of our gathered and scattered life.