Jumping into a new church community is a big deal!  And, if you're considering joining us, we want to do our best to make sure that you have a good understanding of who we are as a church and how we seek to live life together.  One thing we know is this; sometimes it takes a while for a new community to feel like home. With that in mind, take your time, relax and explore who we are.

The following are the steps we encourage you to take if you are considering joining the life and mission of Reality Church. Once you have had an opportunity to take these steps, we will do everything we can to help you connect with a Gospel Community, serve on one of our Sunday teams, and continue to move forward in following Jesus together.  

1. Come to 5 Sunday gatherings

  • We would love to get a chance to meet you at our weekly worship gathering!  
  • It typically takes about 5 consecutive Sundays for someone to get a good feel for who we are as a church. By coming to our Sunday gatherings, you will get to meet some people, experience worship with us, and get an understanding of who we are and and how we seek to live life as a church community.  

2. Join us for a Welcome Lunch

  • Every six weeks, after our Sunday gathering, join us for a time to eat, get to know some of our leaders, and to hear a bit about who we are.  
  • CLICK HERE to sign up and get details about our next welcome lunch

3.Take the Foundations Class

  • The Foundations Class is a four hour class split into two sessions over two weeks. We typically run the class quarterly.  
  • The Foundations Class is a discussion based time where you will have a chance to learn about what we believe and how we organize as a church. The class will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and will end with some specific ways you can begin to connect with the life and mission of Reality Church 
  • The Foundations class is a prerequisite for joining a Gospel Community (you can take it after you join depending on the dates of the class)
  • CLICK HERE to get details and sign up for the next Foundations class.


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