Reality Kids Teams

We are grateful for you and for your investment into the lives of our kids!  We are also grateful for the opportunity you have to see God work not only in our kids, but also in your life as you dig into God's word and get to know and pray for our kids.

New team Members! Start Here: 

  1. Every Reality Kids Team Member must complete this training module.  Be sure to enter your email address so that we have a record of completion.  Thank you!
  2. Reality Kids Vision and Handbook: Please read through this so you understand our hope for our kids, as well as the details as to how we go about serving them
  3. Read the following to learn how to use Planning Center, our scheduling tool:
  4. Here's a link to sign up for The City, our online communication tool: 

All Teams: 

  1. Classroom Management tools: 
  2. Role Descriptions: 
    1. Team Leader
    2. Team Participant
  3. Current Reality Kids Leadership Team, roles, and contact info   

Green Team (Nursery)

  1. Green Team Weekly Routine 
  2. Green Team Classroom Set-Up 

Blue Team (Pre-K)

Blue Team Weekly Routine

  1. How to use the Gospel Story Curriculum: 
  2. Link to Gospel Story Curriculum  

GRay Team (K-5th)

  1. Gray Team Weekly Routine
  2. How to use the Gospel Story Curriculum
  3. Link to Gospel Story Curriculum
  4. Learn why and how we use the "Story Markers"

WhitE Team (Middle School)

  1. White Team Weekly Routine  
  2. Link to Story of God   

Kids Coordinators Team

  1. Kids Coordinator Team Weekly Routine