What Is Your Name?: Series Summary

In much of the ancient world, a person’s name and their identity have been inextricably bound together. What you are called (your name) and who you are (your identity) have historically shaped a person’s life and story. To talk name is to talk identity. 

This fall we are starting a new series titled with this question- “What is your name?” That question, taken from 2 moments in the life of Jacob from the book of Genesis, will drive us over the next few months as we wrestle with issues of identity and the challenge of knowing exactly who we are. We are going to follow Jacob- from his birth in Genesis 25 to the end of his days. And if there ever was a person on planet earth who struggled with his identity- it was Jacob. His story is marked with turmoil in this area, every step along the way. But it ends in beauty that hopefully will guide us deeper into the truth of knowing God and knowing ourselves.

Robby Fowler