"The Symphony of Your Soul" Song of Solomon 7:10 (Psalms: Then Sings My Soul)

As we have gone through the sermon series "Then Sings My Soul", there have been several times when we have talked about how important it is for us to know what song is really in our hearts and then to sing it to God.  Sometime the song of our soul is one of joy and sometimes it one of despair.  Regardless, it is important for us to sing our song to God.  

However, I believe that there is a song that God wants to be the song of our soul all the time.  It's a song that he has designed to accompany our songs of joy, our songs of despair and all our songs in-between.  God wants to weave this song into our lives like the theme that flows through a symphony.  The song is expressed most beautifully in the Song of Songs 7:10 "I am my beloved's and his desire is for me."

The focus of the sermon is that God is wild for us.  He is passionately in love with us.  We are his, and his desire is for us.  That theme, that refrain, will shape and change every song that we sing if we let it infiltrate our soul.  So, as you consider your role in Sunday's gathering, consider the passionate, wild, incredible love of God for you and consider how you can invite those who participate in our worship gathering to consider and to experience that passionate, wild, incredible love as well.