"The Power of Words" Proverbs 18:21, James 3 (Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom)

This week as we continue on in our series through the book of Proverbs, we are going to look together at the topic of our speech. In particular at the power that our words can have to destroy or to give life, but as much a Proverbs as to say about our words, Proverbs also says that our words are only the surface. There is in fact a power that lies behind the words that we speak, and it is our desire to not only see the effects that our words can have, but even more importantly to see the reason behind the words we choose, to see the motivation of our heart behind the words.  And then lastly to see the power that is greater than our words, to see Him who has come taking our words of death and pain upon himself so that we may now speak words of life.