"The Rooster & the Silver: A Tale of Two Failures" Matthew 26:69-27:10 (Matthew: The Power of the King)

As Jesus is handed over to the arresting mob in the Garden, all of His disciples scatter and flee. However, as Matthew continues his account, he keeps the spotlight on two particular figures: Peter and Judas. Peter follows Jesus into the council courtyard where he eventually denies Jesus three times before the rooster crows. Judas, meanwhile, is filled with remorse and returns the 30 pieces of silver that he earned for his betrayal. Both men face moments of soul-crushing failure, but both end up in vastly different places. Judas ends up hanging himself. And, in time, Peter ends up restored. As we see these two men in contrast, Matthew reminds us that spiritual success is not somehow to be failure free. Rather, spiritual success hinges on how you respond to your failure. The rooster and the silver call us to engage our failure with Jesus for the Kingdom of God.