"When Hope Dies" Lamentations 3:1-66 (Advent 2017: Lamentations-Tidings of Comfort & Joy)

Lamentations chapter 3 is not only the middle poem of this book of laments, it is also considered by scholars to be the climatic centerpiece. In theme and structure (it is 3 times longer than the other 22 verse chapters), all eyes are drawn to its message. Shifting from funeral dirge to personal lament, Chapter 3 involves the personified voice of the "suffering man" who finally hits rock bottom. In fact, by the end of verse 18, he declares that hope is dead and that he can no longer endure. But rather than ending in the bleak dark, the rest of Lamentations offers a glimmer of hope. And in a battle of memories, the Poet calls to mind God's covenant love and His personal touch. As we work through Lamentations 3, we discover the only path to hope's resurrection.