"A Kingdom Response" Matthew 7:28 & Psalm 145 (Matthew: The Preaching of the King)

This Sunday is an interlude in between the Preaching of the King (the Sermon on the Mount) and the People of the king (Matthew 8). Before we move on to the next series on interactions in Matthew's Gospel, we want to seriously consider our response to Jesus. In Matthew 7:28, the crowds responded to the Sermon on Mount with awe and astonishment at the authority of Jesus. What about us? This week, we will take a look at the biblical pattern of praise in the Psalms through analyzing 10 Hebrew words for praise. In doing so, we hope to recapture a response to Jesus and His authority that involves our whole body, whole person and whole life.

To download the Sermon Handout - "10 Hebrew Words for Praise" - click HERE