"Sent to Reconcile" John 4:1-30 (The Extraordinary/Ordinary)

As a church that is primarily comprised of white, upper/middle class Americans, we often need to be reminded that Jesus was neither white nor American. When the Father chose to send His Son to redeem the world, He did so as a 1st century Middle Eastern Jewish Messiah. And, as the Lamb from Revelation 7 who is worshipped around the throne, Jesus has come for a bride that is from every nation, tongue, tribe and language. Therefore, as people who follow Jesus, we too have been sent with a ministry of reconciliation. This week, we will learn from Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well from John 4 and talk about what it looks like to pursue extraordinary/ordinary reconciliation. Issues of race stand at the core of the gospel message and can't be ignored.