"Sent to Celebrate" John 2:1-11, Luke 4:16-21 (The Extraordinary/Ordinary)

Among the weight of sorrow, sin and disillusionment with life in a fallen world, it is very easy for followers of Jesus to become a sad and sullen people. However, as one reads the life and ministry of Jesus, one theme that rises to the top is the recovery of a spirit of celebration among the people of God. As a people of the resurrection, we are sent to celebrate. This week we will look at Jesus' first miracle (turning water into wine at a wedding) and his first sermon (an announcement of Jubilee). Jesus' miracle and His message both call us to embrace a life of celebration that is rooted in the true story of the world. If we are going to seriously follow in the way of Jesus, we need to fight for the supremacy of celebration among everyday life.