"Sent by the Spirit" John 20:22-23 (The Extraordinary/Ordinary)

As we near the end of this series, we are going to circle back to the place where we started: in the room, behind locked doors with the disciples on the first Easter evening. When we opened this series many weeks ago, we did so by listening to Jesus words of sending for his disciples. "As the Father sent Me, even so I am sending you." Which launched us into a conversation about the extraordinary/ordinary ways of Jesus- hospitality, table meals, celebration, reconciliation, work and the like. However, the first time we went through John 20, I intentionally stopped the story at verse 21. The rest of the story is essential, because within it, we discover our only hope to ever live this kind of life: the Holy Spirit. After speaking his words of sending, Jesus breathes on the disciples and calls them to "Receive the Holy Spirit." This week, as cycle back to John 20, we will explore how we are to engage the Holy Spirit as the power, source and non-negotiable Helper to our everyday. Unfortunately, so many in the church have walked away confused or discouraged about the One who is meant to be our primary spiritual assurance. The Holy Spirit has been given to catalyze our Extraordinary/Ordinary.