"The Angel's Praise" Luke 2:8-14 (The Echo of Advent)

So far in this series, we have heard about Advent through the songs of Mary and Zechariah- both human characters on the ground in the midst of the story. This week, as we move into the 3rd week of Advent, we are given the perspective of the angels in Luke 2. Instead of getting the perspective of a mother or priestly extended family member, we get the cosmic perspective of Christmas. The angels declare good news of great joy to the shepherds and then an entire collection of heavenly hosts break out into the song of "The Gloria." This song, while being short and familiar, actually provides details on the meaning of life and the way it best works. These angels make a declaration of joy by connecting peace and proper glory. It's a message that touches our deepest longings and our everyday glory story. May the Spirit use it to rekindle our songs of joy.