"God- Jesus the God-Man" (Everyday Doctrine & Everyday Devotion)

Up next in our conversation about God is deeper exploration of the 2nd member of the trinity, Jesus Christ. While we affirm the creeds and orthodox statements that declare Jesus to be "fully God" and "fully man," we need to evaluate the lens through which we view the life and ministry of Jesus. In the western church, most Christians tend toward a view of Jesus that enhances His divinity and diminishes the reality of His humanity. Jesus' childhood, life, miraculous ministry and death are often colored with the phrase, "Well, of course He did, He was God." This week, we will look at the life of Jesus the God-man by evaluating what really happened as Jesus emptied Himself to take on human flesh (Philippians 2). We must embrace Jesus' full humanity if we are to ever fully follow Him and recover our full humanity as well. Rather than just being a Divine Superman who briefly wore flesh as a costume, we must consider the life of Jesus as a full human marked by deep intimacy with His Father and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.