"Human Flourishing: Gender & Human Flourishing" Matthew 19: 1-12 (Everyday Doctrine & Everyday Devotion)

Having talked about the Bible, God, the Trinity, and the Gospel, we now get to move on to "human flourishing." God's heartbeat for shalom in the world includes whole life, whole person success for all humanity. This week, we move a step closer into this discussion by talking about the controversial topic of gender. While there is no chapter or verse in the Bible that explicitly tackles transgender or gender fluidity issues, Matthew 19 is a passage that helps address the tensions we all feel. In His teaching that is technically on divorce, Jesus calls us to the Scriptures to embrace His creation design while also lovingly acknowledging the deviations that surround us. In sorting out our gender and biology, we look to the words of Jesus, the body of Jesus, and the table of Jesus. Human flourishing can only happen as we follow His lead.