"Homosexuality: Clarity, Conviction & Compassion" (Everyday Doctrine & Everyday Devotion)

Over the past month, we have spent significant time around the idea of human flourishing: Image of God, a vision for biblical sexuality, and broken sexuality. We have worked hard to seek God's ideal for humanity without falling into the trap of elevating certain types of sin while hypocritically ignoring others. Yet after a month of holding tension and trying to see things in broader terms than normal, there have continued to be many questions and e-mails specifically about homosexuality and same-sex attraction. So, in the name of loving clarity, we are going to spend this week taking a look at this issue. We will tackle 5 main biblical passages, 5 common objections, and look at 5 frequently asked questions. Hopefully, in humility and love, we can let Scripture and the example of Jesus lead us forward.