"Human Flourishing - Gender and the Church" (Everyday Doctrine & Everyday Devotion)

Having tackled a lot in the past month regarding the transgendered community, broken sexuality and homosexuality, we have one more topic to address among this vein of gender and human flourishing. Today, we want to bring our discussion specifically into the realm of the church by asking this question: “How do gender roles intersect the life and leadership of a church?” Immediately more questions start flying- Gender roles: do they exist? Should they exist? How do men and women play out their part of bearing the image of God within the home and the family of God? This week will will lovingly articulate what we believe about this issue, what we reject about this issue, and explain how God is calling us to grow. Our hope is that, working together, redeemed men and women can embrace their respective responsibilities to allow the Kingdom life to flourish on earth as it is in heaven.